Bubble Zirconia (Zirconium Oxide)

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A fused, calcia stabilized Zirconia which is excellent for refractory applications due to its thermal shock resistance and chemical stability.

Typical Chemical Analysis:

Zirconium Oxide (ZrO2)94.85%
and Hafnium Oxide (HfO2)
Calcium Oxide (CaO)3.80%
Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3)0.80%
Silicon Dioxide (SiO2)0.40%
Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)0.10%
Iron Oxide (Fe2O3)0.05%

Physical Characteristics:

Crystal Form:Cubic and Monoclinic mixture
True Density:5.60 – 5.70 g/cm3
Hardness:Knoop 1160, Mohs 6.5
Melting Point:2550°C
Bulk (Loose Pack) Density:1.27 – 3.0 g/cm3
Color:Golden (yellow)

ANSI Test Methods:

Bulk Density:B74.4
Sizing:Various sizes available

Packaging & Shipping:

Warehousing in Bluffton, SC and Niagara Falls, NY
55 lb. paper bags
300 lb. fiber drums
2200 lb supersacks
Plastic pails, etc. for a surcharge (SC only)

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