Boron Carbide (Macrogrits & Microgrits)

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Boron Carbide is the hardest man made material produced in tonnage. Because of its high strength, low density, corrosion resistance, low conductivity and high modulus of elasticity, it is an ideal material for a wide variety of applications.


Boron carbide is used in wear parts such as blasting nozzles, various dies and ceramic body armor. As an abrasive it is ideal for lapping ceramics and ultrasonic cutting (machining). It is used as a neutron absorber in the nuclear industry and for reactor control rods. It is an anti-oxidant in carbon-bonded refractory mixes, and is used as a sintering aid in silicon carbide parts. Graystar has premium boron carbide for all the above applications.

Typical Chemical Analysis:

Boron Carbide (B4C)98.0%
Total Boron (B)78.02%
Total Carbon ©20.48%
Iron Oxide (Fe2O3)0.09%
Sol. B2O3 0.07%

Physical Characteristics:

Crystal Form:Rhombohedral
True Density:2.52 g/cm3
Hardness:Knoop (100) 2800, Mohs 9.5+
Melting Point:2445°C

Sizing Test Methods:

FEPA Standard 42-2: 2006 (Microgrits)
ANSI Standard B74.12 (Macrogrits)
Micron sizes based on Coulter Multisizer or Laser Analyzer

FEPA F Standard – Powders

SizeMax. D50%Min.
240  70    42.5-46.528
280  59    35.0-38.022
320  49    27.7-30.716.5
360  40    21.3-24.312
400  32    16.3-18.38
500  25    11.8-13.85
600  19    8.3-10.33
800  14    5.5-7.52
1000  10    3.7-5.31
1200  7    2.5-3.51(80%)

Products Available:

Macrogrit Sizes: FEPA 8 – 220 grit
Microgrit Sizes: FEPA 240 – 1200
Hot Press Powder: 10 micron and finer
Sintering Aid Powder

Certifications Available:

Nuclear Requirements
Agency and Mil-specs

Packaging & Shipping:

Warehousing in Bluffton, SC and Niagara Falls, NY
44 lb. and 55 lb. paper bags and boxes
225 lb. fiber drums
Iron drums for very fine powders

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